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Beckhoff XC8090 PLC Program Remote Downloading and remote monitoring
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Is it possible to realize Beckhoof XC8090 PLC program remote downloading and remote monitoring via WiFi or 4G? Of course. In below case, we adopt Blueone PLC remote control module HJ8300 to realize Beckhoof XC8090 remote cross VLAN PLC program downloading.
Operating Environment:
PLC: Beckhoof XC8090
PLC remote control module: Blueone HJ8300
PLC remote control software: Blueone Smartlink
Operating computer: WIN7
Detailed procedures:
1. Configure PLC remote control module HJ8300 and insert 3G/4G SIM card. Configure Smartlink network and set Beckhoof XC8090 PLC IP address as, then connect it to remote module HJ8300 LAN 2 port. Beckhoof XC8090 can access the Smartlink network through the HJ8300 module.

2. Run Smartlink software on computer and configure IP Start service and the operating computer will access the Smartlink network too. Thus, the operating computer and Beckhoof XC8090 PLC form a long range LAN.
3. Run Beckhoof PLC software:

Input Beckhoof XC8090 IP address, and search the PLC.
Blueone PLC remote module HJ8300 supports PLC remote downloading, PLC remote monitoring, PLC remote debugging. It supports downloading via 4G, mobile phone wifi hotspot, WiFi and Ethernet.

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