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Blueone Launched Battery Temperature Voltage Current Collector for Wireless Centralized Collection and Monitoring
Release time:2017-12-21 16:37:17 Clicks:
In consideration of market demand for battery temperature voltage current collection and monitoring, Blueone developed and launched battery temperature voltage current collector HJTVC100. This product supports wireless RF433 centralized collection and transmitting collected data to server database center to realize wireless remote collection and monitoring.
Blueone HJTVC100 data collector is integrated with voltage, current and temperature collection and adopts low power consumption processor, low power consumption RF433 long range transmission module. It is especially suitable for data collection of lithium battery, lead storage battery.
HJTVC100 voltage collection part adopts specified acquisition circuit and supports collection in parallel and in series.

Voltage collection in series. It can collect voltage of each battery.
Voltage collection in parallel. It can accurately measure temperature, voltage of each battery.
Current measurement module (0 ~ 30A)