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Bluetooth WiFi RS232 RS485 Router
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Title:Bluetooth WiFi RS232 RS485 Router
Model:BSP1000 mini
Description:BSP1000 is an industrial grade Bluetooth SPP router which adopts embedded Linux OS and industrial grade low power consumption processor and supports 7 to 28 Bluetooth terminals. It can support Bluetooth, WiFi, Ethernet, serial port( RS232 and RS485). BSP1000 main function is to connect Bluetooth devices/terminals to the Internet through Bluetooth connection to realize centralized management of Bluetooth terminals and to send data of Bluetooth devices to the background server platform via Internet or WiFi.
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Typical Applications
1. Wireless machine tool networking
2. Wireless bar code scanner networking
3. Wireless POS machine networking
4. Smart medical facility networking

Linux embedded OS
Low power consumption processor
Bluetooth 2.0, Class 1 standard
Long range Bluetooth transmission to 100 meters
Support point to multiple points 7-28 connections
Support serial port RS232 transparent transmission