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Bluetooth WiFi Proximity Marketing Device
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Title:Bluetooth WiFi Proximity Marketing Device
Description:Bluetooth proximity marketing advertising provides businesses with the solution and the opportunity to utilise Bluetooth wireless connectivity. Bluetooth marketing delivers the relevant content to the relevant people in the relevant places, all the time. The benefits are immense and unparalleled when compared to other forms of direct response advertising. Advertisers have the ability to deploy advertising, marketing, or messaging campaigns in a matter of minutes rather than days or weeks.   WiFi marketing advertising is the new trend of mobile phone marketing because it allows your business to send adverts and messages to people with iPhones, Blackberrys and android phones. These customers may not have access to Bluetooth but would certainly want to take advantage of using a Wi-Fi connection. With most people using their phones to access the Internet, the Wi-Fi Marketing service will help your business reach out to those people.
  • Details
  • Parameters
1) Size:21*16.5*4cm (exclusive of antenna) 
2) Weight: 500g
3) Work range: 300m in diameter 
4) Power: 3A@12V
5) 512MB SDram
6) Processor: ARM 1GHz
7) Storage: 8GB
8) Support USB flash drive/ LAN update; Support Ethernet/GPRS/3G/WiFi remote management 
9) 10M/100M self-adaption network 
10) 1G high-performance processor
11) Embedded Linux OS 
12) Support dynamic IP 
13) Plug and play technology 
14) Alone work mode function 
15) Auto-detect network 
16) Work in the environment both with network and without network 
17) Web-based software and Windows-based software 
18) Compatible with Windows 2000, Win7, XP and MAC 
19) Control one or multiple devices remotely at the same time
20) Support Bluetooth safety certificate 
21) Support Bluetooth data encryption
Bluetooth Marketing Solution
1) Point to multi-point, 7 simultaneous connections
2) 50-100KB data transferring(depend on the Bluetooth version of mobile phones)
3) Support poly-type file contents, such as image, animation, characters, audio, video, game, java app, etc 
4) Support batch campaign sending
5) Support lottery sending 
6) Campaign group management and detailed campaign settings 
7) Detailed data report, including success/rejection/blacklist records 
8) Auto-search and auto-send advertising contents to mobile phones with Bluetooth feature 
Bluetooth Standard
1) Support Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR(enhancement mode rate) 
2) Bluetooth Class 1, range up to 100 meters
3) 2.402G-2 .480 frequency 
4) Bluetooth protocol stack 
5) Support LC,LM,L2CAP,SDP,RFCOMM protocol 
6) Bluetooth protocol 
7) OBEX propelling movement 
8) File-transferring protocol 
WiFi Marketing Solution 
1) 1 WiFi SSID, work as access point which can support more than 100 users to connect simultaneously
2) Realize interactive advertising communication with users 
3) Unlimited advertising contents 
4) Bandwidth limit
5) Compatible with all Smart phones with WiFi function, including iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung, HTC, etc
6) Compatible with all laptops with built-in WiFi, including Ipad. 
7) Advertising contents include picture, flash, audio, video, hyperlink, etc 
8) 24/7/365 autonomous working 
9) Friendly Web-based software, easy to operate 
10) Easy to understand and set up 
11) Real-time statistics report, device operator can examine the statistical report of ads. 
12) Remote management, device operator can log in the software wherever to manage all the devices remotely. 
13) Build your own special advertising webpage 
14) Adjust image size according to the cellphone screen 
15) Support MySQL, sqlite databases