433MHz Gateway Industrial 4G Router HJ8200
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Title:433MHz Gateway Industrial 4G Router HJ8200
Description:HJ8200 3G/4G WiFi router is an industrial router used for IoT data transmission, and it provides wireless data transmission to terminals through 3G/4G. HJ8200 industrial grade 4G router adopts embedded Linux OS, industrial grade low power consumption processor and industrial grade communication modules. It supports 1 WAN/LAN port, RF433 gateway, 2.4G WiFi, 4G, 1 RS232 and 1 RS485. RF433 can receive the data of all kinds of RF433 wireless terminals and transmit the data to background server via WiFi, Ethernet or 4G. HJ8200 is a high performance-price ratio 4G industrial router. Industrial grade design ensures performance stability of the device. It supports 7x24 hours continuous working, supports VPN, NAT and unique SmartLINK technology. You can easily manage devices in different places in LAN by remote controlling. HJ8200 can be installed with SDK compiling environment which supports secondary development on the device with C, C++, PHP, Python. You can directly do compiling in the device by SSH connecting to the device. This product has been widely used in IoT industry, such as smart grid, ITS(Intelligent Transportation System), industrial automation, intelligent building, environmental protection, smart healthcare, agriculture, water affairs, smart home, mobile POS terminal, financial, petroleum and petrochemical, monitoring, etc.
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Functions and Features

433 wireless gateway connecting data of wireless 433 terminals
Wireless RF433 point-to-multipoint connecting more than 100 wireless terminals
SDK secondary development
Support VPN secure tunnel function including PPTP+MPPE+MPPC and IPSEC+L2TP
Unique SmartLINK technology to set up remote LAN
Support 4G/Ethernet/ WiFi automatic switch-over, no need disconnect the network
Support timer switch 
Support online detection, online maintaining, automatic redial to ensure device always online
Support various 3G and 4G LTE frequency bands 
Support IPTABLES firewall, filtrated-packets function
Support various protocols: TCP/IP,UDP,ICMP,SMTP,HTTP,POP3,OICQ,TELNET,FTP, etc
Support Dynamic IP and static IP
Support NAT function such as SNAT,DNAT
Support DMZ mainframe
Support routing forward, serial port data transmission, data center management
Support APN/VPDN network
Friendly WEB configuration, support WEB remote management
Support telnet management, easy use console shell interactive environment
Support multiple terminals sharing router ppp WAN port
IP Support multiple wireless dial modes: automatic allocation, specific IP, specific local end IP
Support working as PPP server, multiple authentication method and bidirectional authentication
Support real-time clock sntp, updating time online
Support DTU function
Easy COM and SYSLOG system diagnosis and debugging function
Support log viewing
Support serial port software local upgrading, support TFTP software remote upgrading, support configurations output and input, support WEB online updating firmware