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3G 4G WiFi Advertising Server
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Title:3G 4G WiFi Advertising Server
Model:SWS Super
Description:WiFi Advertising is a new trend of mobile phone marketing because it allows your business to send adverts and messages freely to people with iPhones, Blackberrys and android phones. These customers may not have access to Bluetooth but would certainly want to take advantage of using a Free Wi-Fi connection. With most people using their phones to access the Internet, the Wi-Fi Marketing service will help your business reach out to those people to advertise your latest special offers .
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2 WiFi SSIDs, work as WiFi access point
It can connect about 300 concurrent users
Interactive advertising communication with users
Unlimited advertising contents
Broadband limitable
Compatible with all WiFi-enabled Smart phones, including iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung, HTC, etc
Compatible with all WiFi-enabled laptops, including Ipad.
Advertising contents include image, animation, audio, video, website, etc, support online advertising and offline advertising
24/7/365 autonomous working
Friendly Web-based software, easy to operate
Easy to understand and set up
Real-time statistics report, device operator can access the statistics report of mobile users.
Remote management, device operator can log in the software wherever to manage all the devices remotely.
Build your own special advertising webpage
Adjust image size according to the cellphone screen
Support MySQL, Sqlite databases
Compatible with 100% of Smartphone, (Iphone, Blackberry, HTC, Samsung, android phone...)
Compatible with 100% of laptop & Ipad with Wi-Fi
Push advertising contents to smartphone & laptop users
Approach more potential customers
Stand alone working, no need PC
Remote webserver management
Easy operation & stand alone work
Unlimited Advertising contents